EPA ISA on Ozone: Excerpts

The following are excerpts from the EPA document Integrated Science Assessment for Ozone and Related Photochemical Oxidants, Second External Review Draft, September 2011. These excerpts were the sections that I found most interesting and relevant; other readers might disagree.

Note that each excerpt has on top a page number from the original document (for example, page 2-17 is the 17th page in chapter 2), the line number of the first line of the excerpt (in the original document, each page is line-numbered except for the first chapter), and an ARP number. ARP is my own invention, it stands for Adobe Reader Pagination, and it refers to the page number as displayed by the Adobe Reader in reading the PDF version of the document. For the ARP number to be accurate, you must be looking at the entire PDF document (1222 pages), which you can download by clicking here, then by clicking on the Downloads button, then by clicking the first document on the list. Below that document you will see chapters of the document that you can download individually, but their ARP number will not match mine.

It must be noted that almost every page of the document has this disclaimer: “Draft – Do not cite or quote.” Unfortunately, the final version of the document has not come out yet (April 2012), so this is the best we have to go on. But be aware that information in the document may change in the future. I suspect it will change if there is a change in administrations in Washington next January.

My excerpts are divided into four parts: 1 through 4. To view each part, click on the menu to the right.

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